2012 23 Nov

The following songs were recorded mostly in Pasadena, California from 2010 – early 2012 on my Tascam 8-track machine.


1 2:14 122 listens
2 3:06 93 listens
3 2:25 82 listens
4 4:56 89 listens
5 4:32 98 listens
6 2:24 82 listens
7 3:03 112 listens
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10 2:37 117 listens
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2011 29 Aug

This is another collaboration I did with Donnie Bugden that I think turned out pretty good. I came up with the basic rhythm guitar, bass line, and keyboard line. Donnie contributed the guitar with special effect, emotional melody and lyrics for the song. I sang basically in unison to his vocal track.

Here are the lyrics:

First Descent

I am the first descent
The first to go
The last you’ll ever know
I am the first descent
The first to go
The last you’ll ever know
The longest way down
Pulling shovels from the ground
Broke down now
On the way home
You are the last descent
The last to know
The last to go
The shortest way up
Pushing picks from the sound
Get off the merry go round
I am the first descent
The first to go
The last you’ll ever know

Music by Jim Guittard
Words by Donnie Bugden

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2009 22 Feb

Yeah, I want to get somewhere. Somewhere that is pure, somewhere that is righteous, somewhere that is without compromise. Does everybody? I don’t know. These are crazy times. And I think, if I was like everybody else it would be easier. I’m not saying I’m better or anything like that. Far from it.

What I’m saying is that I’ve got a lot to give and maybe now is not the time that I will be able to give it. I have to do what I can. We all need to do what we can. No pointing of fingers, no blaming. If we all rise to the occasion then we will all benefit.

So here it is: I’m am not above anybody and no level is too low for me except illegal stuff and things that require loss of integrity. So I’m gonna push through and hope to God I am on the right track. I even went to apply for some almost menial labor jobs. I’ve done it before and honestly it is more satisfying than sitting at desk listening to people drone on and on about some important thing. Were we all meant for this?

Hard work is required. In college, I got up at 6 AM Monday through Friday to sweep and mop the floors of the Student Union building. The attitude of entitlement is for the birds. Are we all entitled to Mr. Obama’s little handouts. Yeah, it would be nice to be set up and not have to worry. But would you feel at peace?

I know that I would not. I was offered a few years ago to go watch over a relatives house and be paid to live there. I have other talents besides watching somebody’s house. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I have other talents. Sitting around and watching T.V. doesn’t appeal to me. I want to do something meaningful. Meaningful, is achieving, getting out of the comfort zone, striving ahead.

I have done this and maybe I don’t have a lot of material things but is it really about that? Why are we all here anyways? To climb up a ladder? Yeah, it’d be nice to have things to show

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2009 20 Feb

A lot of stuff is going on right now that is more than mind-boggling.  There are a lot of folks out there that have been negligent, ignorant, selfish and greedy.  This I believe is why all this bailout, stimulus package has come about.

Do you think that throwing money at these people will help?  No!  Because it is an internal problem of the mind.  It is bad habits and total disregard for doing the right thing.  Yeah, in the old days people worked hard to get somethere.  There are a lot of Americans still today that do work hard to get somewhere. 

My Great Great Grandfather immigrated from France in 1846 to Ohio.  He didn’t know English.  He learned it and struggled his way to become a country doctor in New Bedford, Ohio.  He struggled through hard winters and cared after people with pneumonia and other diseases of the day.  There were no cars and he went around by horseback making calls on patients and would be gone from home days at a time.  THIS IS AMERICA!

Many people have the “lottery” mentality wishing for everything under the sun to come there way without any lifting of fingers.  It is sickening.  I believe America will fight the good fight.  There is something higher at play, here.  Will we exist as a nation of hard workers or a nation of “lottery” lovers.  The time is now to wake up and not settle for the mediocre, “I can’t” mentality.  Get up, stand up, rise up!  For God, For Country, For Honor!

Whose in charge here?  We have forgotten what the country was made of.  Overseas we get trashed for how America is now.  They expect us to lead!  How can we lead if we can’t even see through the confusion and chaos?  I lived overseas for two and a half years and I was confronted on few occasions about American Politics.  Let’s put it aside and go back to our roots.  It’s burning within each of us.  And by the way, Mr. Attorney General, Americans are not cowards.  Shame on you!  They stand for what is right.

Dr. Francis Joseph Guittard


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2009 7 Jan

Okay, so I’ve been back in the States for over a month now.  It was as if I was skydiving back into this bombed out zone.  I’ve been bombarded with talk on “Bail Outs.”  It’s getting rather old and funny now.  Actually a man on the street asked me for money but he used the word “bail out.”  I think most Americans are obsessed with money and I have way back when chosen to not have money guide my life decisions.

I write this now without a job or that security blanket that everybody is obessed about.  You know the insurance package, the benefits, etc.  I think there is a lot more to life than benefits and insurance and pay raises and working up the ladder and new cars, and houses, and loans. 

And I am aware that once you have kids, and a wife that things change but I will keep my head to the grindstone as they say.  Money is not bigger than God.  I just spent 2 1/2 years over in a poor country called Bulgaria.  It’s a joke how materialistic America has become and I intend not to fall in this trap. 

I know what it is like to have money.  I lived the high life in California for three years before 9/11 tanked the stock market in 2001.  I thought like everybody else.   But when you lose it you begin to think something else is more important.  Back in an article I was in the Dallas Morning News I told the newspaper lady interviewing me that I wouldn’t settle.  I think a lot of people have settled for  a mediocre unfullfilling, meaningless life.  I have had a rough time of it with this decision but it’s not over.  As long as I breathe, I can live.  America needs this!!

Matthew 6:24 (New International Version)


 24“No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

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