2011 29 Jul

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2011 24 Jan

I’m branching out to “Rappa Crappa”. It’s psychedelic rap. Just for an experiment. Is that a new genre???

However, it is not me rappin’. I found some guy at youtube rapping at the laundromat. That’s a pretty good place I guess. It is my music around his rapping. You see it. Now, the music is kinda noisy and sloppy but I encourage others to just do something. There is SO much stuff out there to use and be creative with. There is no excuse just sitting around and playing playstation or wii and thinking that one can’t create. Just give it a go. It doesn’t have to be all professional. I’ll stop rambling now.

Here’s my music video:

and his freestyle rap:

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2011 6 Jan

Basically I saw this dude ranting and raving about customer service on youtube.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a raging song around his rants.  So I did.  For my video, the idea was to get a clean-cut 1950’s guy who is lecturing and transform him into a dictator ranter type who is so frustrated. I took the sound from the raging guy on youtube and edited and inserted it into the my new video.

If you watch the original video of the 1950’s man you will be surprised at how pleasant he is talking about bombs. Maybe he is a dictator after all! 🙂

My Song – Bottom Feeders

Living with the Atom

Download song here:


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2009 25 Nov

Between 1996 and 1998 I put down a few songs in a rather spur of the moment on my 4-track recorder. Lyrics were made up basically on the spot while the tape was rolling. The sounds are pretty lo-fi and the clanging of metal in some of the songs were spoons, pots and pans that made up our primitive percussion. Jim Seagroves helped out on the racket kitchen percussion sounds as well as general chanting or making a nuisance out of everything.

Back then Jim and I called ourselves “the Gidds”. Basically, it was our little gang name growing up. We listened to NWA in high school and wanted to be white thugs. We had our own language and mockerized the neighborhood. Some of the songs we speak in German.

I play the acoustic and electric guitar, sitar and sing the songs. My brother Bob Guittard played bass and guitar on a few tracks as well as beat on a hand drum. Warren Barry played the organ on Once Around the Moon as well as added to the weirdness.

I used a Dr. Groove Drum machine. I hope you like these weird songs. At the time of the recording I was listening to a lot of Beck’s Odelay. Please enjoy and make comments.

Here it is:

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2009 14 May

Yeah, I was bored and wanted to make fun of myself and the whole youtube deal of fame by making 4 stupid videos.  Each video built on the prior video.  You can hear the audio of video 1 in video 2 and in video 3 you can hear the audio from video 1 and 2 and in video 4 you can hear the audio in video 1, 2, and 3. This was the first videos I made with my webcam.

It’s a collage of sound.  Most of life, we interact and get ideas from film and T.V. and so it was like I was in the film interacting with myself in real life.  Weird I know but you’ll understand when you watch.  I also put in miscellaneous commercials because I get tired of the commercials in America that brainwash us.

Here’s Video 1:

Here’s Video 2:

Here’s Video 3:

Here’s Video 4:

There are at least 3 partial songs in the videos. Can you name them?

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2007 4 Apr

The following clip is something my grandfather played to my brother and I as kids. Everytime we came to visit I would ask him to bring out the “Laughing Record.” That is what we called it.

I believe the music is very rare. Wish I knew what the guy was joking about. With all the Iran/British Sailor hype going on I figured I’d post on the general topic.

So here’s the clip: 

Unknown Farsi Singer

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