2014 31 Jul

Cyber Space is much like a desert.  There are those who sound the trumpet on what is important to them.  After some time, they disappear and sound another trumpet to go off in another direction.  But there are those who continue to wander, not aimlessly, but with purpose.  They are rounding up the troops becoming fishers of men.   To some, they seem like outsiders but really they are peacemakers.

Technology has given the little guy an opportunity to sound his trumpet and to voice everything from when he brushes his teeth to when he tells of some kind of disaster in his life.  The playing field is level but with that there are more and more people “doing their thing.”  The result is much more stuff for people to wade through to get the nuggets.  However, there are a few “John the Baptists” that articulate a strong message that the masses can relate to.  It’s not all about things “in da club.”  We’re getting beyond that.

The buzz word of the day is community.  Can there be community up in the clouds of the cyber world?  Definitely!  I mean, really.  There are those that live for Justin Bieber’s every last word on twitter.  They may be a little bit misguided but that’s community.

I wrote a song called “Leave the Desert.”  Maybe I was a bit misquided.

Matthew 5:9English Standard Version (ESV)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons[a] of God.

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2011 26 Aug

Living life from day to day.
You’re turning away from the gray.
It’s been a long time a-coming.
You’ve paid your dues all a-bumming.

There’s no stopping you now.
You’re done listening to all the static.
That’s all it was.
It entered into your head and confused your mind.

Round and round the desert you’ve been,
Seeking the way and losing much time.

Striving ahead thru the narrow gate.
It ain’t too far; you won’t be late.
Look only ahead.
And not side to side.

Round and round the desert we’ve been,
Seeking the way and losing much time.

It’s all okay.
You see the way.
Don’t look back.
It won’t be there.
Just go. Go on ahead.
No one’s around to take you down.
Go Go Go. Go.

Round and round the desert we’ve been,
Seeking the way and losing much time.

Go 1000xs

Music by Donnie Bugden
Words by Jim Guittard

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