2011 29 Jul

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2010 30 Jul

Please Listen, Download and Enjoy!!

The “Rise” album is a set of songs, that I hope, capture the times in which we live.

At the heart of it all is the message to stay true and be happy amongst the chaos in the world that is often pushed at us through the propaganda lense of the media.

The songs were done in a rough do-it-yourself lo-fi Psychedelic folk-freak way because this is what I do. Some of the songs were rather improvised especially with the lyric.

“Rise Up America” was written just about the time of the G20 summit in Pittsburg in September 2009. It is meant to be a sort of wake up call for Americans and also people around the world. It has already been recorded by an artist in Italy.


Please feel free to record your own version if you wish and post back at Jamendo or elsewhere. I give you permission. Details about song is here:


The album was recorded on my 8-Track Tascam machine in Portland, Oregon, Dallas, Texas, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jim Guittard: Lead and background vocals, electric lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic 12-string guitar, bass, shakers, percussion, drums, keyboard, and effects.

My wife helped out on the vocal for Roller Coaster Ride.

All music is written by Jim Guittard.

All lyrics are written by Jim Guittard with the exception of “Independence” which the words are adapted from the “Declaration of Independence.”

Mixed, recorded, and edited by myself.

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2010 26 Jul

Back in late September 2009 I wrote a song called “Rise Up America” and recorded it after seeing all the chaos go down at the G20 summit in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. I made a call for anyone who wanted to record this song to do so and to even change the words to their own country so that it is more personal.

It’s been a little while now but we’ve now got another version and from Italy. 🙂

Here are the two songs for Italy and America together:

Download the Italian version here for free:

Here is my original song with video from the G20 Summit:

I recently got an email from an Italian artist simply known as Alex or “d0ct0r” who heard my song and wanted very much to record it and make his own version for Italy. He sent it to me and this is what you are listening to. I like it very much.

Now that Italy is involved with the spirit behind the original song, my call still goes out for others to get involved. It’s up to us to take our world back from fear and destruction. We must rise above fear and anxiety!

Let’s keep this song chain going. It is important to get the spirit of optimism out. Thanks Alex!

Here’s previous post on Rise Up America.

All the best,
Jim Guittard
Sofia, Bulgaria

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