2011 6 Dec

Ever feel like your life is going in circles or that it is too monotonous or repetitive? Well, it may sound like this song. I tried to come up with something that expressed that feeling and here it is. It was recorded with a 330 Rickenbacker six string electric guitar, a Casio WK-500 keyboard, shaker and tambourine. Thanks for listening.

Download here:  http://www.archive.org/details/Monotony

(picture from http://www.motifake.com)

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2011 29 Jul

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2010 27 Nov

Rise up from the heavy sleep.
You’ve been so far into the deep.
Make the sweet noise for today.
It will carry you from the Bay.

Your confusion will disappear as you trust.
Leave your ancient fears in the dust.
They’ll be covered over in time.
Speak your heart with rhyme.

With courage, you’ll strum again.
Upload all the trash into the bin.
Set your eyes up to the sky.
Always tell yourself I’ll try.

Dark times are no more.
There awaits you an open door.
Don’t let the fear get you.

Fear is nothing new.
Fear is nothing new.
Fear is nothing new.
Fear is nothing new.

Your fans wait with excitement.
To see how your time has been spent.
Write again about the Tymes.
It’ll sure clear up your minds.

Fear is nothing new.
Fear is nothing new.
Fear is nothing new.
Fear is nothing new.

Words and Music by Jim Guittard 2010

get the song here:


Video images are taken from the public domain.  It’s made by Don Robert Catlin and Liberty Films:


Our ancestors stood up.  Now it concerns the whole world.  Your great great grandma would be livid.  She came on the boat for nothing.

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2009 9 Oct

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