2011 29 Jul

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2011 7 Jul

Song is based off of 3 Blind Mice. I came in with bass line and brother stepped in with the chaotic epiphone guitar with added reverb delay pedal. And Warren Barry added the keys and drums. This was back in 1997 and I flipped the tape over and that is how we got the backwards talking. We weren’t on drugs. Just having a fun time.

Download song here:

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2011 23 Mar

JIM GUITTARD is an accomplished mockerizer, freak-flag waver and hoodlum based in Pasadena, California. Having finagled his way into faking he knows how to play music and writing hundreds of really horrible songs, making diy home recordings, and touring his apartment as both a sitar player and producer, he gained a plethora of insight and wisdom on the music industry as a whole. Jim is the founder of Mockerizer Front Entertainment LLC. Jim has also written “The Hoodlum’s Guide to Faking It in the Music Business,” a book sure to help independent scam artists to achieve outlaw status with sustainable scamming opportunities.

Here’s one of his crazy eccentric masterpieces complete with pots and pans percussion, drumming on old computer parts, and an arrogant improvised street-wise angry gangster thug lyrics:

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