2011 8 Jan

Experimental video using footage from ABC. Our world is so divided. It is almost comical on how people yell and scream at each other like clowns. Stop it, already. Can’t we all just get along?

Download the song here:

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2010 30 Sep

I thought I’d give “You License” and “Pump Audio” a go. They are two NON-EXCLUSIVE music licensing sites that I have found where some musicians and artists have had success with getting their songs placed in short or featured film, commercials, or other.


also at PUMPAUDIO:

License this music for commercial use through Pump Audio

Give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose right?

October 11, 2010 Update: Pump audio is a no-go. They rejected me. It is just as well because their cut is too high. They get 70% and I would get 30. That’s lousy. There is another one that has approved me called MUSIC SUPERVISOR. I’m giving them a shot.

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2010 8 Sep

Tune in to my station on your IPhone or Blackberry.

Artists: Get your own free radio station

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2010 23 Aug

 AMERICAN alternative musician to guest Tangra Studios!minstrel to guest at the Tangra Mega Rock studio today!!!02.08.2010

AMERICAN alternative musician to guest Tangra Studios!minstrel to guest at the Tangra Mega Rock studio today!!!

Jim Guittard made it big a couple of years ago, after annihilating all competition on his magic carpet ride to the position of English teacher at a Pernik grammar school. He even wrote and sang a song in support of the teachers’ strike.

He then made a live appearance in the Tangra Mega Rock studio and as he was leaving an entire onion fell out of his trousers, which we found rather amusing.

This, in turn, inspired him to write the song ‘Onion Peel’, which has been in rotation at TMR since then. That was back in the Autumn of 2008…

Today Jim Guittard is back and will be guesting in the TMR studio at noon!


source: http://radiotangra.com

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2010 14 Aug

Recorded Beck’s song off his 1998 Mutations album back in 1999. I played the 12-string acoustic guitar, sitar, and did the lead and background vocals. This was one of the songs I sent as demo when I applied to go to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. I attended there for about nine months or so.

The song is lo-fi and made from a Tascam 4-track recorder. Pic was taken in around October 1999 when I first arrived to Hollywood.

Back in 1997, at the Battle of the Bands event at Highland Park High School in Dallas I performed in my brother Bob Guittard’s band as a sitar player. I betcha no one has ever played a sitar there before or after me there at HPHS!!

At the gig, I came out dressed in Indian gear with sandals and sat on a cushion.

Kids in the audience screamed, “What is that!?!”

My brother sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar. I sang back up and the played the sitar. Another guy named Graham Cathey played the percussion. It was a trip.

My brother’s band didn’t win. Oh well….

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2010 30 Jul

Please Listen, Download and Enjoy!!

The “Rise” album is a set of songs, that I hope, capture the times in which we live.

At the heart of it all is the message to stay true and be happy amongst the chaos in the world that is often pushed at us through the propaganda lense of the media.

The songs were done in a rough do-it-yourself lo-fi Psychedelic folk-freak way because this is what I do. Some of the songs were rather improvised especially with the lyric.

“Rise Up America” was written just about the time of the G20 summit in Pittsburg in September 2009. It is meant to be a sort of wake up call for Americans and also people around the world. It has already been recorded by an artist in Italy.


Please feel free to record your own version if you wish and post back at Jamendo or elsewhere. I give you permission. Details about song is here:


The album was recorded on my 8-Track Tascam machine in Portland, Oregon, Dallas, Texas, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jim Guittard: Lead and background vocals, electric lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic 12-string guitar, bass, shakers, percussion, drums, keyboard, and effects.

My wife helped out on the vocal for Roller Coaster Ride.

All music is written by Jim Guittard.

All lyrics are written by Jim Guittard with the exception of “Independence” which the words are adapted from the “Declaration of Independence.”

Mixed, recorded, and edited by myself.

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2010 1 Jul

What do you want to do?
Fly on up through the sky?
Nothing’s stopping you.
It’s all in your mind.

Put aside your past.
Burn it all down to the ground.
What you want, you can have.
Fly through the cloud.

Words and Music By Jim Guittard 2008
Mount Hood, Oregon filmed in the air by Katia Yankulova 2010.

Download song for free at:

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2010 18 Jun

Do-it-yourself album with various artists who are mainly lo-fi. I’m the 9th track.

1. Waterplea – That One December’s Eve 04:14
2. Left Limb Stef – About You (with The Left Limbs) 02:59
3. Solarein – Cube (Reprise) 02:30
4. Project Bluebird – Firewatchers (with BlackHeart) 05:53
5. Bill Strange – Dance On Fire 02:59
6. brokenkites – wood between the worlds 05:13
7. Fili O (so cool) – shakespeare’s sonnets 04:10
8. Karl Mundt Project – frivolous and spurious 03:26
9. Jim Guittard – You Can Not Knock Me Down 02:37
10. Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes – I Fell Off Bonnie When I Was Young
11. half past sun – What I usually hide 03:36
12. Le Cirque Hanté – Surya 04:54
13. Artwood – While I was waiting for you
14. Quint Baker – Hand 02:20
15. The Peach Tree – For Marie 03:13
16. aiRless pRoject – baby you can drone my car (lowly trip) 07:54

To Download:

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2010 3 Apr

I wrote the music and first verse while living in Hollywood, California in 2001 or 2002. The rest of the lyrics was written by Dominic Campanella who plays with the Quarter After.


Filmed on location in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Cinematography by Cory Wirtz
Edited by Jim Guittard


I look up into the sky
See the clouds and colours all around.
I hear the waves go in and out
See the birds and stars tonight.


Going with the rising tide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.
Moments pass as I decide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.

I tell myself the reason why.
Waters flow and there’s no turning back.
Reaching for the horizon line,
Where it ends has only just begun.


Going with the rising tide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.
Moments pass as I decide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.

Drifting through my open mind,
Ray of light about to shine.

Download my album “California Daze” that the song is on for free at:

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2010 22 Feb

1    Introduction – 02:16
2    Commentary On Beach – 01:30
3    Beach – 03:55
4    Commentary on BJM-Like Song – 01:45
5    BJM-Like Song – 03:04
6    Commentary On Confusion Lies Guns and Drugs – 02:08
7    Confusion, Lies, Guns, And Drugs – 02:34
8    Commentary on Can’t Be Down That Very Long – 00:58
9    Can’t Be Down That Very Long – 02:29
10    Commentary on 3 of Clubs – 00:53
11    3 of Clubs – 03:46
12    Commentary On Swing Tune – 00:50
13    Swing Tune – 01:28
14    Commentary on Jazz Tune – 00:43
15    Jazz Tune – 02:23
16    Commentary On Beach Acoustic – 01:24
17    Beach (Acoustic) – 05:24
18    Outro Influence of West Coast Scene – 02:27

Download for free here:


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