2012 23 Nov

The following songs were recorded mostly in Pasadena, California from 2010 – early 2012 on my Tascam 8-track machine.


1 2:14 122 listens
2 3:06 93 listens
3 2:25 82 listens
4 4:56 89 listens
5 4:32 98 listens
6 2:24 82 listens
7 3:03 112 listens
8 4:00 99 listens
9 2:10 118 listens
10 2:37 117 listens
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2009 22 Feb

Yeah, I want to get somewhere. Somewhere that is pure, somewhere that is righteous, somewhere that is without compromise. Does everybody? I don’t know. These are crazy times. And I think, if I was like everybody else it would be easier. I’m not saying I’m better or anything like that. Far from it.

What I’m saying is that I’ve got a lot to give and maybe now is not the time that I will be able to give it. I have to do what I can. We all need to do what we can. No pointing of fingers, no blaming. If we all rise to the occasion then we will all benefit.

So here it is: I’m am not above anybody and no level is too low for me except illegal stuff and things that require loss of integrity. So I’m gonna push through and hope to God I am on the right track. I even went to apply for some almost menial labor jobs. I’ve done it before and honestly it is more satisfying than sitting at desk listening to people drone on and on about some important thing. Were we all meant for this?

Hard work is required. In college, I got up at 6 AM Monday through Friday to sweep and mop the floors of the Student Union building. The attitude of entitlement is for the birds. Are we all entitled to Mr. Obama’s little handouts. Yeah, it would be nice to be set up and not have to worry. But would you feel at peace?

I know that I would not. I was offered a few years ago to go watch over a relatives house and be paid to live there. I have other talents besides watching somebody’s house. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I have other talents. Sitting around and watching T.V. doesn’t appeal to me. I want to do something meaningful. Meaningful, is achieving, getting out of the comfort zone, striving ahead.

I have done this and maybe I don’t have a lot of material things but is it really about that? Why are we all here anyways? To climb up a ladder? Yeah, it’d be nice to have things to show

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