2011 17 Sep

Movin’ by Jim Guittard and Donnie Bugden by More Jim Guittard

Movin’ (Vocals) by More Jim Guittard

Collaborated with donnie bugden

Where are you going today?
Will you always stay in the same spot?
Or will you get up and go away?
It is all okay.
We’ve been here before.
They want us to be afraid.
But it’s not gonna keep us down.
Get up from your desk.
You’ve spent too much time there.
You wasting away.
Make something happen.
Create. Be the change you want to see.
The skies will part
and the clouds will go away.
There’s something okay and beautiful to see everyday.
Burn down the past. Go On.
We know there are other people waiting to get up.
Just Go.

Words By Jim Guittard
Music by Donnie Bugden

Jim Guittard: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboard
Donnie Bugden: Electric Guitars

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2011 29 Jul

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2011 24 Jan

I’m branching out to “Rappa Crappa”. It’s psychedelic rap. Just for an experiment. Is that a new genre???

However, it is not me rappin’. I found some guy at youtube rapping at the laundromat. That’s a pretty good place I guess. It is my music around his rapping. You see it. Now, the music is kinda noisy and sloppy but I encourage others to just do something. There is SO much stuff out there to use and be creative with. There is no excuse just sitting around and playing playstation or wii and thinking that one can’t create. Just give it a go. It doesn’t have to be all professional. I’ll stop rambling now.

Here’s my music video:

and his freestyle rap:

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