2014 31 Jul

Cyber Space is much like a desert.  There are those who sound the trumpet on what is important to them.  After some time, they disappear and sound another trumpet to go off in another direction.  But there are those who continue to wander, not aimlessly, but with purpose.  They are rounding up the troops becoming fishers of men.   To some, they seem like outsiders but really they are peacemakers.

Technology has given the little guy an opportunity to sound his trumpet and to voice everything from when he brushes his teeth to when he tells of some kind of disaster in his life.  The playing field is level but with that there are more and more people “doing their thing.”  The result is much more stuff for people to wade through to get the nuggets.  However, there are a few “John the Baptists” that articulate a strong message that the masses can relate to.  It’s not all about things “in da club.”  We’re getting beyond that.

The buzz word of the day is community.  Can there be community up in the clouds of the cyber world?  Definitely!  I mean, really.  There are those that live for Justin Bieber’s every last word on twitter.  They may be a little bit misguided but that’s community.

I wrote a song called “Leave the Desert.”  Maybe I was a bit misquided.

Matthew 5:9English Standard Version (ESV)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons[a] of God.

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2011 17 Sep

Movin’ by Jim Guittard and Donnie Bugden by More Jim Guittard

Movin’ (Vocals) by More Jim Guittard

Collaborated with donnie bugden

Where are you going today?
Will you always stay in the same spot?
Or will you get up and go away?
It is all okay.
We’ve been here before.
They want us to be afraid.
But it’s not gonna keep us down.
Get up from your desk.
You’ve spent too much time there.
You wasting away.
Make something happen.
Create. Be the change you want to see.
The skies will part
and the clouds will go away.
There’s something okay and beautiful to see everyday.
Burn down the past. Go On.
We know there are other people waiting to get up.
Just Go.

Words By Jim Guittard
Music by Donnie Bugden

Jim Guittard: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboard
Donnie Bugden: Electric Guitars

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2011 15 Apr

The powers that be are lurking about.
Infecting us with more fear and doubt
Big Sis is on the loose
Yelling, screaming, and pushing her abuse.

Is that how it’s supposed to be?
It seems like it’s getting less free.
Or am I just crazy?
Or maybe a little lazy?

Don’t get hung up!
Don’t get tied down!
Just keep on going!
Move on ahead!

They want to lock down the country.
Why can’t the people just see?
Too busy to care?
They don’t even dare care.

Yeah, I’m a bit mad.
And a little bit sad.
No wife here
To call dear.

Don’t get hung up!
Don’t get tied down!
Just keep on going!
Move on ahead!

I skype everyday.
All I do is pray!
Move out of the freaking way!
You’ve no right to keep us apart!

What God has joined together,
Let no one separate.
You must worship the devil.
You are so evil!

Don’t get hung up!
Don’t get tied down!
Just keep on going!
Move on ahead!

I don’t wish to exaggerate!
Just wanna see my Kate!
What’s the big deal?
That’s how I feel!

Words and Music by Jim Guittard 2011

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2010 20 Apr

Listen to the song here:

I will not be conned into believing
There is no hope.
I will not be conned into believing
There is not a good person left.
I will not be conned into believing
That racism is the root cause.

I will not be conned into believing
There is no God.
I will not be conned into believing
All men are scoundrels.
I will not be conned into believing.
All women are sluts.

Get up now.
It’s alright.
Get up now.
It’s alright.

I will not be conned into believing.
There is no answer.
I will not be conned into believing.
There is nothing we can do.
I will not be conned into believing.
There is not purpose in life.

I will not be conned into believing
There’s only hope in the government.
I will not be conned into believing.
America is not a Christian nation.
I will not be conned into believing.
Rush Limbaugh is our answer.

Get up now.
It’s alright.
Get up now.
It’s alright.

I will not be conned into believing.
Chris Matthews is our answer.
I will not be conned into believing.
Sean Hannity is our answer.
I will not be conned into believing.
Socialism is the way to change.

I will not be conned into believing
That the Republicans are right.
I will not be conned into believing.
That the Democrats are right.
I will not be conned into believing.
That we know everything about 9-11.

Get up now.
It’s alright.
Get up now.
It’s alright.

I will not be conned into believing.
That Obama is a big peacemaker.
I will not be conned into believing
That political correctness is the best.
I will not be conned into believing
That pills will improve our lives.

I will not be conned into believing
That our time heals all wounds.
I will not be conned into believing.
That we don’t know what to do.
I will not be conned into believing
That we’re not okay.

Get up now.
It’s alright.
Get up now.
It’s alright.

I got four other verses
Can you sing? but you get my point.
You gotta keep on going.
You gotta get off your butt.

Words and Music by Jim Guittard 2010

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2009 15 Nov

Let’s break it down. I may be wrong but let’s see.

1. Are you burdened by student loans that force you to work jobs you really do not like so that you can pay it back?

2. Are you underneath a mortgage on a home?

3. Do you pay loans are your car?

4. Are you able to get up and go anywhere you want?

5. Do you bring your work home with you? (If you enjoy your work, then that’s a different story).

6. Are you so obsessed with the latest gadgets and things?

7. Do you have a lot of credit card debt?

8. Are you happy and satisfied or at least moving towards what you perceive to get you there?

9. Would you keep working your job for free because you like it?

10. Are you doing overtime just to stay afloat and not go into the tank?

11. Do you have free time to do the things you enjoy?

12. When was the last time you got up and felt you were really making a difference?

13. Are you burdened down with fear?

14. Are you too busy?


Don’t watch T.V.
Rent or share a home with someone.
Stop buying things.
Quit your job and do something worthwhile.
Turn on, tune in and drop out. 🙂
Take some risks.
Do your part.
Become self-reliant.
Create yourself, do not let others create you.
Resist greed, anxiety, depression and fear.
Help others.

Now if you’re buried under debt and such, I wouldn’t suggest turning on tuning in and dropping out but I’d suggest really finding out what makes you happy and to move in that direction at least. It has been a long road for me and I’m still working on it and I’m rather on the debt free side but just looking for my niche that is helpful to society and to me.

I told my uncle once that if it takes me 50 years to get there, then it takes me 50 years to get there.

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2009 28 Aug

I’m gonna head out to Portland. I figure why not. In Texas, I have a lot of hang ups. Just want to say no to fear and anxiety and make it happen. Trust in myself. Not have to rely on family to prop me up etc. Now I type in Sofia, Bulgaria. For the summer I am here with my girlfriend and it is a bit difficult for both of us. It is pretty much my fault. I guess I have integration problems.

But enough said, sink or swim time. Plane leaves in a few weeks.

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2009 18 May

Do you remember how Hunter S. Thompson was searching for the American Dream in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

Well, the American Dream has been outsourced overseas. In what country it resides is a mystery. With all the bad economy, dream seekers have gotten the hell outta Dodge.

You say, “This is an outrage!” Yeah, it is an outrage.

Our nation is the most divided it has been since probably the Civil War or at least the 1960s. In 2009, we aren’t killing each other as in the Civil War but a war IS going on and I don’t mean the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars.

The present war is a war of ideas, principles, and the American Dream is quickly being put to shame.

The Framers in the Declaration of Independence guaranteed the following:

“That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

It further states that, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Folks, something is completely out of whack as they say and we must do something.

Read your Declaration of Independence here:


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2009 27 Feb

You know what? I think a lot of us are like frogs in a pot that are slowly being boiled alive. Why?

Because we get so used to the stuff around us that we don’t even know we are being cooked alive. You can put a frog in cold water in a pot and then put him on the stovetop and turn up the heat. The frog won’t jump out. The frog will get desensitized and wait patiently for death to come without even knowing it.

The bottom line is for us to wake the hell up! What are we here for? To do stupid stuff day after day after day after day? Get up from your mat and walk. Life is too short to compromise and waste away to nothing. Get up! Do something.

I don’t know who this is directed to but maybe myself. I’m sure a lot of people can relate.

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2009 20 Feb

A lot of stuff is going on right now that is more than mind-boggling.  There are a lot of folks out there that have been negligent, ignorant, selfish and greedy.  This I believe is why all this bailout, stimulus package has come about.

Do you think that throwing money at these people will help?  No!  Because it is an internal problem of the mind.  It is bad habits and total disregard for doing the right thing.  Yeah, in the old days people worked hard to get somethere.  There are a lot of Americans still today that do work hard to get somewhere. 

My Great Great Grandfather immigrated from France in 1846 to Ohio.  He didn’t know English.  He learned it and struggled his way to become a country doctor in New Bedford, Ohio.  He struggled through hard winters and cared after people with pneumonia and other diseases of the day.  There were no cars and he went around by horseback making calls on patients and would be gone from home days at a time.  THIS IS AMERICA!

Many people have the “lottery” mentality wishing for everything under the sun to come there way without any lifting of fingers.  It is sickening.  I believe America will fight the good fight.  There is something higher at play, here.  Will we exist as a nation of hard workers or a nation of “lottery” lovers.  The time is now to wake up and not settle for the mediocre, “I can’t” mentality.  Get up, stand up, rise up!  For God, For Country, For Honor!

Whose in charge here?  We have forgotten what the country was made of.  Overseas we get trashed for how America is now.  They expect us to lead!  How can we lead if we can’t even see through the confusion and chaos?  I lived overseas for two and a half years and I was confronted on few occasions about American Politics.  Let’s put it aside and go back to our roots.  It’s burning within each of us.  And by the way, Mr. Attorney General, Americans are not cowards.  Shame on you!  They stand for what is right.

Dr. Francis Joseph Guittard


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2009 6 Feb

1. You love to watch the birds feeding in the back yard for hours.
2. You get furious when you see the squirrels running around in the back.
3. Your only friend is your stockbroker.
4. You cuss at the drive thru bank teller b/c you’re in a hurry to get home and watch the birds.
5. You can’t stand to give up your country club membership b/c of what others might think.
6. You believe Dr. Phil is God.
7. Your only dinner conversation is, “Can you pass the salt?”
8. You believe your health insurance will cover everything.
9. You believe a pill will solve your problems.
10. You believe that no one cares.

You have arrived when…

1. You believe in yourself.
2. You fight the “good fight.”
3. You forgive others.
4. You do what it takes.
5. You remain strong and flexible.
6. You listen to your voice.
7. You don’t blame others.
8. You place higher importance in people.
9. You turn the noise off.
10. You begin to love others.

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