2013 9 Nov

A few weeks ago, I compiled together more songs from my lost “Guittard Tapes.”  I hadn’t had much time to go through the tapes but I did manage to find some songs and I have finally put together the second volume of the Guittard Tapes.  The tracks all come from a very productive period  of mine from 1999-2003 when I was living in Los Angeles.  If you like lo-fi do-it-yourself tunes, you’ll dig these on Volume 2 of the Guittard Tapes.

There are 12 new tracks which are as following:

  1. Girl’s On Crack                                                           2:22       
  2. Instrumental                                                                2:00
  3. Blues Instrumental                                                      1:12
  4. Tired (Experimental version)                                      1:32       
  5. Sleepless Night                                                           4:47       
  6. Paxil Withdrawal                                                        3:12
  7. Can’t Be Down That Very Long 2002 Demo             2:54
  8. Spacey Synth Instrumental                                         2:53       
  9. Jazzy Tune                                                                  3:16
  10. Tired – Acoustic Version                                             2:31       
  11. Airy Jangly Instrumental                                            1:48
  12. Gotta Get Out of Here                                                 2:49

Back in June, Jay Daniels, the host of the Muffin Junkee lo-fi Psychedelic podcast, featured me and the Guittard Tapes on an hour-long show broadcasting from British Columbia.  Since June, I have compiled the music for the Guittard Tapes Volume II.  The tunes were unreleased until this year and were just sitting in storage until early this year when my dad called me and said I had some things in his storage unit.  And how pleased I was to find the tapes!!!

The Guittard Tapes Volume II

* Track 7 was released on the California Daze album.

The Guittard Tapes Volume I

* Tracks 7 and 8 were released on the California Daze album.

Jim and Regi MI 2000

Myself with my Rickenbacker and fellow Musicians Institute student Regi – 2000.

can't be down that very lock










Can’t Be Down That Very Long

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2013 31 Jul

I wrote the song and recorded it around 2001 in Hollywood, California on my 4-track Tascam machine. I play a jangly rhythm Rickenbacker, drums, and lead guitar on another 12-String Rickenbacker. The piece was me trying to play jazz.  Here is a video I put together from public domains clips.

You can download and listen to the song for free here:

In making the video, I found some clips that were either in the public domain or they could be used because they were uploaded as part of creative commons licensing.

The clips I used in the video are from:

1. Reg Kehoe and His Marimba Queens (ca. early 1940s)

The clip was produced as a “Soundie” which was the precursor to music videos that we all know. The 3-Minute soundies were viewed on coin-operated jukeboxes that could be found in clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

Mills Panoram Soundie Jukebox

Mills Panoram Soundie Jukebox
















2. The cult classic “Reefer Madness” (1936)

The rest of the video comes from home videos from my childhood growing up in Texas in the 1970s.

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2011 6 Jan

Basically I saw this dude ranting and raving about customer service on youtube.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a raging song around his rants.  So I did.  For my video, the idea was to get a clean-cut 1950’s guy who is lecturing and transform him into a dictator ranter type who is so frustrated. I took the sound from the raging guy on youtube and edited and inserted it into the my new video.

If you watch the original video of the 1950’s man you will be surprised at how pleasant he is talking about bombs. Maybe he is a dictator after all! 🙂

My Song – Bottom Feeders

Living with the Atom

Download song here:


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2010 13 Nov

Flat People

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2010 15 Aug


1    You Know (Spirits of Summer Edit) – Botany Bay
2    Der Flug des Schmetterlings – Schattenspiel
3    Billows – The.Princess.And.The.Pearl
4    The Creek – Orange Crush
5    Beach (Acoustic) – Jim Guittard
6    Five Guitar Song – I Said Yes
7    Joyrider – Danny Spacecat
8    Ich Segele Übers Meer (Instrumental) – Seelenlauf
9    Summer Dreams (In Clouds Above) – Deadstar
10    Things Weren’t Always This Way – Ben Woods

Skeksis Netlabel Project, out of Austria, included my song “Beach – Acoustic” as part of their summer-themed compilation for free download. The songs are quite nice and peaceful with optimism. Please take a listen or download it for free here:

Also, please look into Skeksis’ previous compilations. There are 11 others that are all themed differently, all for free download.

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2010 18 Jun

Do-it-yourself album with various artists who are mainly lo-fi. I’m the 9th track.

1. Waterplea – That One December’s Eve 04:14
2. Left Limb Stef – About You (with The Left Limbs) 02:59
3. Solarein – Cube (Reprise) 02:30
4. Project Bluebird – Firewatchers (with BlackHeart) 05:53
5. Bill Strange – Dance On Fire 02:59
6. brokenkites – wood between the worlds 05:13
7. Fili O (so cool) – shakespeare’s sonnets 04:10
8. Karl Mundt Project – frivolous and spurious 03:26
9. Jim Guittard – You Can Not Knock Me Down 02:37
10. Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes – I Fell Off Bonnie When I Was Young
11. half past sun – What I usually hide 03:36
12. Le Cirque Hanté – Surya 04:54
13. Artwood – While I was waiting for you
14. Quint Baker – Hand 02:20
15. The Peach Tree – For Marie 03:13
16. aiRless pRoject – baby you can drone my car (lowly trip) 07:54

To Download:

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2009 24 Dec

Improvised this lo-fi psychedelic song last night and someone’s phone rang but I kept it going like we should keep America going. America, wake up from your sleep! Download the song and pass around or RE-RECORD yourself.

Share alike. If you’re from another country besides the U.S. please insert your own country in the lyric instead and record it. We really need to work together. This Global Government thing is a bit off.


Rise up America.
Rise Up.

Rise Up America.

Rise Up America.
Rise Up America.

phone goes off

Rise Up America.
Rise Up America.

Rise Up America.

Rise Up America.

Rise Up America.
Rise Up America.

Words and Music By Jim Guittard 2009

Guitar in Drop D
Chords are only D for chorus

and for change is

Download song for free at:

Clips are from We Are Change Chicago, user g20media, and public domain.

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2009 25 Nov

Between 1996 and 1998 I put down a few songs in a rather spur of the moment on my 4-track recorder. Lyrics were made up basically on the spot while the tape was rolling. The sounds are pretty lo-fi and the clanging of metal in some of the songs were spoons, pots and pans that made up our primitive percussion. Jim Seagroves helped out on the racket kitchen percussion sounds as well as general chanting or making a nuisance out of everything.

Back then Jim and I called ourselves “the Gidds”. Basically, it was our little gang name growing up. We listened to NWA in high school and wanted to be white thugs. We had our own language and mockerized the neighborhood. Some of the songs we speak in German.

I play the acoustic and electric guitar, sitar and sing the songs. My brother Bob Guittard played bass and guitar on a few tracks as well as beat on a hand drum. Warren Barry played the organ on Once Around the Moon as well as added to the weirdness.

I used a Dr. Groove Drum machine. I hope you like these weird songs. At the time of the recording I was listening to a lot of Beck’s Odelay. Please enjoy and make comments.

Here it is:

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2009 19 Sep

I came across xtranormal.com and made this little piece. At Xtranormal.com you can write little scripts and make animation figures act them out. The site is cool. I had to pass it on.

Here’s my first little thing I did:

and of course to download my music go here:


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2009 27 Jan

If you haven’t heard of Jamendo.com then I guess you are really really out of the loop and not aware of the free music phenomenon.  I suggest you get over there, immediately and get in on it.  As of today, there are 15,287 albums posted there for free downloading.  Did you catch me?  Free!

Most of the artists are not known, including me.  There is some really great quality stuff out there.  I recommend the following artists:

  • Brad Sucks
  • Rancho Relaxo
  • Blancheneige
  • The Zombie Drivers
  • Jamison Young
  • The Golden Dawn

I’m tellin’ ya, get in on this scene.  I give you free music; you give me review. It’s “Quid Pro Quo”, ya dig? A free win-win situation. I’d be honored if you’d do this for me.  Just sign up, it is free.  It’s extremely cool.

My stuff is along the lines of folk-rock, psychedelic, and experimental.  I have posted three albums and if you like the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Byrds you would probably like me. 

Here’s my first album I did in 2002 called “California Daze.” 

Album description

California Daze was recorded in Hollywood, California by Jim Guittard on his 4-track recorder and later mixed with Adobe Audition 2.0. The songs pay tribute to the birth of the Neo-Psychedelic scene that emerged beginning in 2000 in Silverlake, California with groups such as the Beachwood Sparks, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Quarter After, smallstone, the Warlocks, the Tyde, and the Belle Isle.

Jim Guittard played the shaker, drum machine, and sang all lead and background vocals and had the help of friend Vladimir Maskov for bass. Brian McKay engineered the recording of the Beach the acoustic version. Guittard also played all lead and rhythm guitars. The song Beach is co-written by Jim Guittard and Dominic Campanella of the Quarter After.

The “Swing Tune” and “Jazz Tune” are instrumentals written by Jim while attending the Musicians Institute from 1999 to 2000. Jim plays the lead guitar with session bassist and drummer. On the rhythm guitar is a guy from Brazil named Reginaldo. He was a student with Jim at the school. You can hear the teacher, “Mr. Lupo Groinig” giving a critique after the instrumentals end.

Click here for the album:

California Daze

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