2011 29 Jul

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2010 14 Aug

Recorded Beck’s song off his 1998 Mutations album back in 1999. I played the 12-string acoustic guitar, sitar, and did the lead and background vocals. This was one of the songs I sent as demo when I applied to go to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. I attended there for about nine months or so.

The song is lo-fi and made from a Tascam 4-track recorder. Pic was taken in around October 1999 when I first arrived to Hollywood.

Back in 1997, at the Battle of the Bands event at Highland Park High School in Dallas I performed in my brother Bob Guittard’s band as a sitar player. I betcha no one has ever played a sitar there before or after me there at HPHS!!

At the gig, I came out dressed in Indian gear with sandals and sat on a cushion.

Kids in the audience screamed, “What is that!?!”

My brother sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar. I sang back up and the played the sitar. Another guy named Graham Cathey played the percussion. It was a trip.

My brother’s band didn’t win. Oh well….

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