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2010 22 Feb

1    Introduction – 02:16 2    Commentary On Beach – 01:30 3    Beach – 03:55 4    Commentary on BJM-Like Song – 01:45 5    BJM-Like Song – 03:04 6    Commentary On Confusion Lies Guns and Drugs – 02:08 7    Confusion, Lies, Guns, And Drugs – 02:34 8    Commentary on Can’t Be Down That Very Long – 00:58 […]


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2010 20 Feb

Here’s my latest song I wrote and recorded last night. Enjoy! World’s Angriest Hippie You’re really a bit mad You’re not a fad. Not even bad. Maybe just sad. You keep us in line. And doing fine. We’re all mad too. We’re all a little bit blue. Chorus The world’s angriest hippie Turning all our […]


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2010 11 Feb

Here’s a song about keeping the faith while facing extreme diversity and hype. Enjoy! Here are the lyrics: “The Sun Shines Today” Push on through. You know it ain’t true. Just keep it up. Drink from the cup. No matter what they say, The sun shines today. Keep up the lovely art. Avoid the fiery […]


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