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2007 26 Oct

The teacher is a human whose work is to teach somebody something. The Bulgarian teacher from the olden times leaves a big mark on teachers nowadays in the way to transmit culture to the students. Because of those teachers in the olden times, we retain our nation and culture. Every human passes through the school […]


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2007 22 Oct

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Cold Citrus Radio Podcast from England included one of my songs. It’s an indie type program. Make sure to listen to the break after the fourth song. There is a reference about Bulgaria. You can listen here: Cold Citrus Radio 22 Here’s the track list of show: 16th […]


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2007 5 Oct

In the 1850’s, Etienne Guittard embarked on an arduous journey from France to America. It was during the California Gold Rush, and in just a few short years, while still in his twenties, this adventuresome Frenchman struck gold on the rough and tumble streets of early San Francisco. An experienced chocolate maker, Etienne had brought […]


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