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2007 29 May

It’s been awhile.  I normally don’t post about teaching and I still won’t.  I have maybe a month left until summer vacation. But I’m very excited to be working on the Ragas projects.  It’s interesting.  We make many good noise.  Henry and I speak Vindaloo talk.  We came up with this while eating at some […]


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2007 23 May

Easy Rider, Blow-Up, The Kids Are Alright, Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock – 3 Days of Peace & Music (The Director’s Cut), Altamont, Concert For Bangladesh, The Band’s Last Waltz, Harold And Mod, This Is Spinal Tap! The Graduate, Alfie, 007, To Sir With Love, The Beatles Anthology, The Beatles – Let it Be, The Beatles […]


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2007 21 May

Fear is nothing new. Fear is nothing new. Rise up from the heavy sleep. You’ve been so far into the deep. Make the sweet noise for today. It will carry you the right way. Your confusion will disappear as you trust. Leave your ancient fears in the dust. They will be covered over in time. […]