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2017 12 Feb

I acquired a mini drumset over Christmas but I hadn’t written a song in a a long time. So I recruited my 16 month year old daughter to help me out with “scat” vocalizing and some percussion sounds. I think she did a good job. It sounds pretty heavy. I’m pleased! Please take a listen and post around!


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2010 2 Apr

You’re buried underneath the America Dream.
You got no time for nothing.
Sit at your cubicle for hours and hours.
Don’t forget about your paper towers.

Pick up the phone and talk to people you don’t like.
What’s it all for? You wish you could take a hike.
No, you gotta pay off your credit cards.
And listen to all the flippin’ retards.

Go back home and you’re tired.
So you drink some coffee and get wired.
And you get in a rage
Cause you had a terrible day.

Turn on the tube for the brainwashing.
They tell ya how to feel and it really stings.
Pop open the beer let your head fill with fear.
That leads to absolutely nothing to hear

Do it all over again the next day.
Keep on in the monotonous robotic way.
When will you say, “Is it all worth this?”
Probably only after you sink to the abyss.

Go back home and you’re tired.
So you drink some coffee and get wired.
And you get in a rage
Cause you had a terrible day.

Words and Music by Jim Guittard 2009
Filmed on Location in Sofia, Bulgaria
download song for free at:

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2010 20 Feb

Here’s my latest song I wrote and recorded last night. Enjoy!

World’s Angriest Hippie

You’re really a bit mad
You’re not a fad.
Not even bad.
Maybe just sad.

You keep us in line.
And doing fine.
We’re all mad too.
We’re all a little bit blue.


The world’s angriest hippie
Turning all our heads around.
Pushing all the buttons.

Instrumental break


The world’s angriest hippie
Turning all our heads around.
Pushing all the buttons.

You’re getting Understood.
It must feel good.
You’re music is the weapon.
Falling down from the internet zeppelin.

Keep your ideas flowing.
Your planted seeds are growin
The truth is your friend.
And it’s blowing in the wind.


The world’s angriest hippie
Turning all our heads around.
Pushing all the buttons.

You’re just a bit mad
And not a fad
We’re sad.

Words and Music by Jim Guittard 2010

Download for free here:

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2010 6 Jan

I found this guy named Sean Kraft before Christmas who has apparently been on a Hunger Strike for 45 days.

45 days???

Yes.  I do not know him personally and have really no way of knowing for sure if it is true but it is worth the media looking into at the very least.

Why is he striking?

Because of the current situation in the U.S. The Government seems to want to take more and more control and it is ever increasingly hard to have a life, liberty and to pursue happiness. Some people probably don’t feel this control because maybe they are too zonked out, distracted, playing games, basically just going around in circles in the rat race, or for other unknown causes.

So I am gonna report on him. He is demanding to talk to the “We the People Foundation” and get in touch eventually with the Continental Congress of 2009 and have a 3 minute press conference.

The mission of the We The People Foundation is:

1. To protect, preserve and enhance the unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms of the people.
2. To teach people that under our system of governance all power comes from the people and all government is limited by our written constitutions.
3. To help people become better informed about the history and meaning of every provision of the Declaration of Independence and their State and federal constitutions.
4. To help people become better informed about what is really going on in government.
5. To help people become better informed about how to confront unconstitutional and illegal behavior by those wielding power in government at all levels.
6. To institutionalize vigilance by the ordinary, nonaligned citizen-voter-taxpayers.

Sean has been posting daily on his weight change and you can read more about him at his site:

He also has a youtube channel at:

Link to We the People Foundation.

Please look into it.

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2009 28 Dec

ok, need to find the sharp dressed man who was helping the terrorist to get on at Amsterdam airport. Need to investigate all Amsterdam airport security workers. Need to get investigators over there immediately. The TIME IS NOW. We demand you get on it Obama.

Get to the source and not punish everybody because you can’t figure it out. America is not Nazi Germany. You cannot lock all us people down. You want to have all people in handcuffs when they fly?

Someone let the guy on the plane. Find him or her. Check all there bank accounts and see if they were wired money to let the guy on. Something happened and I don’t believe the system in place is even workable. Investigate all airport security around the world. If they are tied in any way to terrorist extremists you better fire them.

We demand that you do more Obama. Enough is enough. This is America. We will rise to the occasion. You are in charge of a resilient country and we expect more. Get it done.

So Janet Napalitano, the US Homeland Security Chief, said a few days ago the system worked and now she says it doesn’t. What’s up?

The only reason maybe that it was stopped was because of a Dutch man. He is a hero and I think the world can see that America isn’t what it used to be. Come on America, wake up and demand for better.

America get off your stupid play station. Turn off the reality TV. Put down the McDonald’s Big Mac. Your future depends on you waking up.

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2009 9 Oct

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2009 19 Sep

I came across and made this little piece. At you can write little scripts and make animation figures act them out. The site is cool. I had to pass it on.

Here’s my first little thing I did:

and of course to download my music go here:

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2009 10 Sep

I arrived to Portland via Bulgaria, a rather long route but in my observations it seems to be a really swell and friendly town. Quite amazing really.

Compared to Bulgaria or Texas the public transport was pleasant. The riders did not have their heads down. They were actually talking to each other. And the bus driver said, “have a nice day” to nearly every person that exited the bus. It was almost comical.

One lady who exited apparently was carrying bread in a sack. The bus driver yelled through the door to the outside to see where lady bought her bread. And she did not hear him and so he kept asking.

What is the deal with Texas?!? I have lived there most of my life and have never had this pleasant experience. People in general keep to themselves.

Another kid on the Portland bus was talking about being kicked out of house in Texas and running away, etc. And he kept saying he just wants to be himself. Is it so difficult for parents or family to understand this?? Texas to me seems so rigid and opinionated. Hey, post some comments. Let’s get it out there.

I’m tired of facing the same crap every single time I go back to Texas.


Flippity Flop

Flippity Flop
I can’t stop.
I got lyrics in my head
That’s got to be said.

I may be a hoodlum type.
But I’m ripe.
Ready to blow up big
Eat a fig.

People say, “They won’t take one like you.”
Well maybe I’ll sue.
Lock ’em all up in the zoo.

I’m not through.
I’m one of the few,
Elite H.P. Crew.

Hillcrest is the drag
To get your Jack’s bag
Scarf and hopefully not gag.

Wade in the fountain at S.M.U.
That’s the bomb when you’re blue.

I’m no criminal.
I’ve been to shrinks
To make me think.
Only makes me want to puke in the sink.

What’s wrong with a different path?
I’m not a business man, lawyer or M.D.
I’m just me.

What else can I be?
A faker stuck in a tree
After another shopping spree?

The World hurts as we sit by
Listen to them cry and we only lie.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ve got things to buy.”

“Get it together man.
Have you got a plan?
You’ll be stuck in a van,
Getting a tan.”
While others say. “what a shame.
He had such a good name.”

I’ve got places to see.
I’m a rambler just like
Woody Guthrie who said

“Ramblin’ around your city.
Ramblin’ around your town.
I never see a friend I know.
As I go ramblin’ ’round boys.
As I go ramblin’ ’round boys.”

Please see related bus blog article:
Man Almost Decapitated by Bus Door

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2009 17 Jul

Once upon a time there was an idiot. The idiot began to lose his mind. He forgot his name so he signed up to go to school. At school, he learned to curse, throw paper, and yell. It was fun for him. But then one day, the teacher gave him bad marks and he went home crying to his parents. His parents forgave him and he went back to school and became the class clown. As class clown, he ruled over the classroom like a king. Everyone laughed and thought well of him. But the boy, constantly needed attention. His hysteria was a cover for his sad loneliness. One day, he forgot how to laugh. He lost all purpose as did his followers. Now he lives like a slave to his own fears and stupidity. He’s come full circle and is an idiot again.

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